Manlift Safety; Tips To Look Out For When Operating

Boom lift risks will always exist, but by following these safety recommendations, you can reduce the risks. Make sure that the people using the equipment have received manlift safety training. Here are our top six safety recommendations.

1. Confirm the employees’ training and certification

Before using the equipment, every person who utilizes and operates the manlift must receive thorough training. With doing this, you can reduce risks and dangers while also making sure you abide by OSHA rules. Each employee will also need to have a boom lift certification. Your employees shouldn’t be permitted to operate or utilize the boom lift if they are not certified to ensure manlift safety.

2. Examine the Manlift Inspection Record.

In addition to looking through the documents, you ought to examine the vehicle directly. Examine the records for any prior issues or items that were not ticked off. Always check the emergency controls, operating controls, outriggers, guardrails, and tires before using the boom lift. Fuel, air, or hydraulic fuel shouldn’t leak at all. Use the manlift sparingly if something is broken or has been noted as broken as manlift safety protocol.

3. Employ the right safety equipment

Without the appropriate equipment, no one can enter a manlift. Wearing the incorrect gear might result in serious injuries that put your team in danger. A manlift harness provides safety while up high and ensures that operators will not drop or hit the ground if they fall. It is an added layer of protection.

4. Examine Your Environment

The environment and the placement of the manlift are the two most important considerations. Slopes, hills, uneven surface, and even the weather must all be considered. You might not be able to utilize the manlift if the wind is particularly strong. The environment you are in greatly affects how safe the procedure is.

5. Never go above the weight restriction

Never exceed the weight limit when using a boom lift is one of the best safety advice we can provide you. The weight restriction is stated in the manlift’s handbook, which you will need to consult to ensure manlift safety. It’s possible that you can only send one or two individuals up at once. However, you should never send more than the manlift is capable of carrying.

6. Adhere to the proper shutdown procedures

You must be aware of the shutdown procedure and make sure that every team member using the manlift is familiar with it. This ought to be covered within the training process. Many persons who are certified to operate one will be able to shutdown the machine properly.

Things to avoid doing when using a manlift

There are some things you should not do when using a manlift. For instance, you shouldn’t use it if it’s extremely windy outside because working in such conditions can be risky. Additionally, no one using the manlift should sit on the platform or lean against the rails. Most importantly, remember to put on your safety equipment.

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