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December 24, 2014
Be Safe To See another Season | Kisa Logistics Ltd
December 26, 2014
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Be Safe To See another Season

Safety is a fundamental issue in the construction industry, especially during this festive season where each individual is looking forward towards celebrating together with their family and friends.
However, with the excitement and anxiety involved with the festive season comes a series of risks at the construction site and could lead to serious accidents that may result in intensive injuries or even fatalities. As much as the construction industry is currently recognized as a significant economic force, it is also defined as a highly hazardous industry. Accidents result in considerable suffering and pain, marginalized productivity, quality, and time, and also have a negative impact on the environment. As a consequence, there is an increase in the cost of construction.
Based on the continuous string of collapsing buildings within Kenya, there is a call for mall stakeholders to pull up their socks in terms of their responsibilities in ensuring safety at the construction sites. In Kenya, the level of accidents and incidents at the construction sites is worsened by the diverse range of individuals who have different levels of education and from different cultural backgrounds as most of the workers migrate from the rural areas to urban areas in search of work.
The cultural differences between the employers (contractors) and the employees also compound the situation. In addition, the employees in the construction sites have different levels of awareness concerning site safety and thus require different ways of communication and training.

Construction Site Health and Safety Measures construction-photo

Site planning and layout

A site that is badly planned and untidy forms one of the major causes of site accidents. Poor site planning causes random falls of materials and accidental collisions between laborers and equipment or plant. In most cases, establishment of a proper layout that upholds the health and safety of the laborers seems to fail in terms of reconciling with productivity. As management, ensure safety of your employees within the site through proper planning and budgeting.

Personal Protective Clothing (PPE)

This type of clothing referrers to helmets, protective clothing, goggles, and any other equipment or garment that has been designed to offer protection to the body against injury resulting from blunt impacts, heat, electrical hazards, infection, and chemicals, for safety purposes and occupational. For achievement of PPE use within the site, it is important to implement a PPE program that addresses the present hazards; the selection process, maintenance and utilization of PPE; employee training; and program monitoring in order to ensure its efficiency.

Use equipment to handle specific tasks

Some of the tasks within the construction site such as lifting or excavation are best handled by machines that are designed for such purposes including cranes and excavators. Manual handling of such activities by laborers may lead to accidents including slipping and falling from higher floors of the building, or being buried by breaking grounds while excavating. Some of the accidents may cause little injury while others may be fatal. In addition to ensuring employee safety, machines also reduce the time used to complete the various tasks within the organization.

Choose equipment providers with their own trained staff

Some of the equipment used in construction require proper training in order to properly estimate angles and distances of reach. For instance, a forklift is controlled from the rear wheels and not the front wheels as other vehicles. As such, equipment providers such as Kisa Logistics limited offer their own trained personnel who have utmost expertise in handling the vehicles that they have been assigned. This reduces the chances of causing injury within the site due to improper handling of the equipment and construction vehicles in the construction site.

Accidents reporting and first aid Kits

It is important for first aid kits and other equipment to always be within a construction site as these sites form some of the most dangerous places. The type and capacity of equipment needed depends on the number of employees within the site. On site that have more than 200 employees, it is important to have a fully equipped first aid room. In addition, it is important to ensure that some of the employees within each department or shift are well trained in conducting first aid procedures. It is also important to keep account of daily accidents within the construction site in an accidents’ register in order to allow for prevention of a repetition of such accidents.

Stay Safe, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.