Used Container Sales and transportation services

Not only do we sell off our rental fleet after a certain period of time, but we also trade in containers locally. We have a international network and purchase large quantities of containers allowing us to sell containers into domestic markets and at a very reasonable prices. We transport empty used containers to the most remote areas  and all over Kenya and guarantee quality service of safe lifting, transporting and unloading at your site or premises.

Standard dry freight shipping containers are used to carry the majority of international cargo. All shipping containers are inter-modal, meaning that they can be easily transferred from one mode of transport to another. Transport types include sea, rail and truck. We specialize in sales of used containers and transportation within Kenya.

In addition to the carriage of cargo, due to the incredibly robust design of shipping containers, they are used extensively across various industries and modified into accommodation units, warehousing, workshops, static storage, shops etc.

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