Approved scaffold for hire and Industrial Lifting platforms

Scaffold and electric elevator platforms.

  • Articulated swivel rubber feet to outriggers – much safer than usual plastic/rubber booted ends.
  • Unique frame locking clips – securely fix frames together and will never get lost!

The Scaffold Tower: An Ideal Solution for Working at Height

  • Scaffold towers are highly useful alternatives to ladders when there’s a lot of work to be done at height.
  • Scaffold Towers have large work platforms, which can comfortably fit a worker and any necessary tools and materials, while at the same time being both rigid and stable.
  • The work platforms offer a much safer environment to work from compared to balancing on a ladder.
  • Scaffold towers are self-supporting, meaning they do not need to be leaned against any wall or building.
  • Scaffold towers eliminate the risk of slipping, which can happen with ladders; this is due to them being a free-standing structure.
  • Overall , Scaffold Towers are much more versatile compared to ladders, offering you a larger area to work on and less repositioning required.