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December 11, 2014
Do you need lifting equipment for this festive season? This festive season our
December 11, 2014
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Do you need lifting equipment for this festive season?

You have needs to lift?

This festive season, different facilities present the engineering and maintenance departments with a sequence of tasks and an equal array of obstacles to performance of such tasks. In preparation of this festive season enterprises are faced with the task of grooming the outlook of their facilities in order to attract more consumers and meet challenge even as demand goes up. The list of tasks tends to be endless stretching from pruning of trees within crowded landscapes, replacement of lamps that are fitted high in the ceiling, to moving and storing of materials into highly placed storage areas, among other tasks.

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Luckily for you, aerial lift equipment provide a wide selection of articulating booms, scissor lifts, telescopic booms, and material lifts designed to bring any task within your reach. Whether buying or renting, proper selection of the appropriate lift equipment for the task is important in ensuring that the job is done efficiently, effectively and safely. In case you think you know all that is there to be known about lifts, it is a high time you think again. Various significant changes have taken place, which ought to be put into consideration when selecting the equipment.

Equipment options

One of the most important equipment to consider for aerial lifts this festive season is the scissor lift. This type of lift utilizes a lifting mechanism that consists of crossed tubes that are stacked together which work in a fashion that is scissor like when the platform is raised or lowered by the operator, hence the name. Such lifts are designed for level surfaces and they are important in accessing works that are directly overhead. This type of lifts are an important consideration this festive season especially in cases where the task area’s underneath ground is level and the materials and tools that are to be lifted are heavier and larger. This is because this equipment has a greater lift capacity.Telescopic Boom Lift Hire Services

On the other hand, articulating boom lifts comprise of aerial work platforms that use multiple boom sections, which articulate or hinge. Such equipment vary in height and have a maximum reach of about 70 feet. These equipment are important this festive season especially when conducting tasks such as painting or repairing, or even fitting of flashing lamps both in business facilities and at home, when the work area is above other barriers and obstacles such as machinery or shelving. These machines have less horizontal outreach as compared to telescopic booms but they still provide greater versatility with over-and-up positioning. These machines are also advantageous as they can hold up to 226.8 Kilograms.

Telescopic booms are further advantageous in cases where the work areas require a greater horizontal outreach. These machines have a reach of up to 80 feet, with a 131 feet working height.

Nevertheless, it is important to consider hiring lifting equipment from a provider that merges cost-efficiency with value in order to ensure that the task is well completed at a reasonable cost. Kisa Logistics Limited provides a wide range of lifting equipment including Scissor lifts, Telescopic boom lift, and articulating boom lift, all on hire to meet your lifting needs this festive season. The equipment are well maintained to offer efficiency during working and they are o