Creative uses of shipping containers this festive season

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December 17, 2014
Creative uses of shipping containers this festive season | Kisa Logistics Ltd
December 17, 2014
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Creative uses of shipping containers this festive season

Even as you prepare for this festive season both in your personal and professional life, the shipping containers might provide unimaginable solutions to your problems, especially in cases where you are looking for temporary solutions.Uses of shipping container Below are some of the uses of used shipping containers that you may find interesting and consider application.

Affordable housing

Building of permanent houses is without doubt fairly expensive. This is because one has to cater for the separate materials that are to be used for construction starting with the components of con create, building blocks or bricks, roofing frames, and roofing sheets or tiles. However, used shipping containers provide an even cheaper and better solution to the same problem of housing. Such containers come in full package and only require one to partition them, paint, decorate, and arrange as per their liking. As such, one may consider utilizing such containers as housing even as they still prepare to construct more permanent housing.

Office buildings

Shipping containers also provide outstanding office rooms as they can be arranged and painted as per one’s liking. This application is especially more beneficial in cases where an organization or one’s business is operational within an area for a limited period of time and that they will be required to shift to another region after such time has been exhausted. Shipping containers make it easier for one to shift their office from one location to another without considering much expenses of hiring office rooms for limited period of time, which may be difficult to find, or rather expensive.

Artists’ studios

If you are looking forward to opening an artist’s studio or you already have an existing studio yet you think of shifting temporarily during this festive season, then think of shipping containers as the ideal solution for your problem of acquiring a studio. These containers can be converted into studios as per the design of the owner and allow for easier portability of such studios to desirable areas.


Shipping containers have been constructed in such a way that allows them to store materials and protect them from any form of damage through different weather conditions and physical impact, over a long period of time. This allows them to provide an ideal solution for storage of your products this festive season, especially if you are extending your business into new markets where there is uncertainty of the security status.

Moveable exhibition spacesUses of Shipping containers

The festive season is a period of buying and selling of products all over the world. As such, it provides artists with the greatest opportunity to design and construct different items and exhibit them in different parts of the country in order to create awareness of their talent and brand, and also to sell their products. Since such artists require to move from town to town, shipping containers provide movable exhibition spaces that would allow such individuals or organizations to move around, exhibit, and sell their products.

Medical clinics

You are a medic and looking forward to opening a clinic in a remote area, shipping containers would provide for a quicker and reliable solution for your clinic space, as they can be partitioned to provide for reception area, consultation rooms, examination rooms, laboratories, and in-patient ward rooms. This containers can also be moved to areas of increased morbidity in order to allow for service provision in such areas.

Shopping malls

Used shipping containers can be converted into shopping malls by partitioning them into stalls that would offer different products and services. This is ideal solution for short-term increase in demand especially during this festive season where one may need to expand their business into areas that have a sudden increase in demand in order to increase sales and the profit margin.

Sleeping rooms, Bathrooms, and Showers

Due to increase travelling during this festive season, there is an increase in the demand for accommodation n various areas. As such, one may capitalize on such an opportunity by hiring or purchasing shipping containers and converting them into sleeping rooms to accommodate increasing visitors, or bathrooms and showers for the increased visitors.


Shipping containers also provide less costly, convenient, and movable spaces for the establishment of cafes to provide for food and beverage services especially during this festive season when outdoor meals are an increasing trend among most families that are looking for a unique experience. One may specialize in a fruit outlet or a general food café according to the demand and capital. It is also easier to shift to areas with increasing demand.