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January 8, 2015
What to Check For When Renting an Excavator | Kisa Logistics Ltd
January 15, 2015
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What to Check For When Renting an Excavator

The modern day excavators perform better as compared to excavators from the previous decade. As much as this is good news, it is also an implication that you as a renter should engage in more research to make the correct specification choices that meet your needs. It is important to consider various factors as you make such specification choices when renting an excavator including weight, size, tail swing, reach, attachments, horsepower, breakout force, and auxiliary hydraulics. Most contractors employ backhoes in conducting most of the duties that an excavator would and only rent excavators for special occasion. However, some experience project delays due to overwhelming the backhoes with tasks as they do not know when to employ excavators. If you are among those who use backhoes in most of you tasks within the site, it is important to note that you need to employ excavators in any case where the depth and the reach requirements are more than those of the backhoe. One may be concerned about the workspace especially in tight workspaces. This should not be a problem as excavators come in different sizes, some of which are certain to fit in your workspace or need only a little adjustment of the workspace.Excavator1

In jobs that require greater breakout forces or digging depths, it is important to ensure that you acquire large excavators that would match such requirements to ensure efficient and time consciousness when handling given tasks, especially when facing a tight schedule. In some cases, one may have a variety of needs that they ought to use excavators in accomplishing them. In this case, it is important to consider hiring an excavator with hydraulics as one of the specifications, as this type of machines are designed to run a variety of attachments with great versatility. This would be cheaper as compared to hiring different excavators for each of the tasks. Such an excavator may be fitted with a hydraulic thumb attachment which allows them to sort and pack recyclables I waste management. The county council may also employ an excavator attached with a mower in the place of the traditional mower. In addition, an excavator with a hydraulic thumb attachment can be used for different projects within the city including configuring of drainage systems.

In road projects, one may use excavators attached with pavement breakers to dig through the hard grounds. Most users of excavators employ them in construction projects, in which cases a compactor may be attached to help in compacting soil and to reduce settling after a concrete slab has been poured. With the current rampant cases of collapsing houses, it is upon contractors and developers to adapt to the use of excavators in compacting soil in order to ensure that the soil does not sink after concrete weight is imposed on it during construction. Most of the collapsing houses start with sinking due to loose underneath soil. Hydraulic excavators can also be attached with buckets of different sizes and employed in digging in different construction projects. Kisa Logistics provides excavator solutions with specifications that will suit your needs and ensure proficient and timely handling of your specified tasks.