About Us

Although relatively new by industry standards, Kisa Kranes has made its mark in the crane hire business. Kisa Logistics is a family operated business built on integrity, technical expertise, and complete objectivity. Our goal is to deliver the finest crane hire service at maximum efficiency and safety. Since the early days we have expanded to include a fleet of dozens of cranes and transport vehicles. The smallest cranes start with the lift capacity of 1ton and are perfect for light construction and city jobs. Our heaviest cranes can lift up to 50 tons for those bigger jobs, the company has crane solutions for just about every need.. Our primary goal is to embrace EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES and combine it with personalized attention to every customer.

We encourage our customers to allow us to be involved at the earliest stages of a project to ensure above goals are met.

Kisa cranes does not restrict itself to certain industries or sectors. If a customer needs something lifted or transported, and we have the equipment to do the job, they’ll get it done. The company’s fleet includes truck-mounted cranes, city cranes, and all-terrain telescoping boom cranes. Between the three classes Kisa Cranes is able to handle most jobs. CRANES ARE AVAILABLE EITHER ON A HIRE BASIS, SHORT OR LONG TERM CONTRACT BASIS. That said, Kisa Lifting equipment is used for the following:
* GENERAL CONSTRUCTION – Like most crane hire companies general construction is a big sector for Kisa lifting equipments. Our mobile cranes are ideal for residential and light commercial construction, while their towers are a more suitable option for taller commercial construction. General construction lifting will include things like materials handling of building supplies, installing heating and air-conditioning units, installing roof trusses, and building modular homes.
* INDUSTRIAL AND MACHINERY – The industrial and machinery sector is one area Kisa cranes excels at. Our smaller cranes may be used for day-to-day operations in an industrial environment while our larger cranes may be deployed to install heavy machinery. Most of their mobile cranes are ideal for these specific types of applications.
* SPECIALISED EQUIPMENT – There aren’t many Kenyan companies with a good reputation for quality specialised equipment. Kisa logistics is one of the few. Our specialised solutions include things like mobile gantry cranes, mini crawlers, compact cranes, and versa lifts. Specialised equipment is designed to go places and do things otherwise not possible for other types of equipment.
* TRANSPORT – The transport sector involves one of two possibilities. The first is a scenario in which a smaller transportation unit is used, enabling the Kisa Lifting crane to be mounted right on the flat bed. The other scenario is for extremely large and heavy objects that need to be transported. In that case a standalone crane does the work of loading and unloading the cargo.
* MATERIALS HANDLING – Millennium’s truck-mounted and city cranes are used extensively for materials handling in industrial, manufacturing, and light construction environments. City cranes are especially adept at pick and carry operations at manufacturing plants, rail yards, and shipping depots.

Our most precious resource is our employee. We continue a sustained effort in remaining an employer of choice through recognition, leadership development, career enhancement and embracing new ideas to make Kisa Logistics a great place to work.

It is our belief that each employee needs to feel valued and is offered rewards and competitive compensation, an opportunity for professional growth and affiliation with a respected, high performing company.

At Kisa Logistics, our commitment to our clients ensures that they receive the best quality and service that we can offer. Expect no less of us

Kisa Logistics has qualified staff to assist you with all your crane requirements. A Sales Representative can make a complimentary visit to your site to determine the best crane to meet your needs at the most cost effective price. With extensive experience of transporting and moving high value equipment and goods we offer a service that includes collection, delivery and installation in a timely, controlled safe and way.

Safety is of critical importance to us and Risk Assessments with Method Statements are always prepared by our experienced and qualified staff following your enquiry and where necessary; visit to site.

Our other services include:

* Cranes for hire
* Monthly rentals
* Technical support
* Lifting and transportation
* Job estimates
* Fully trained and highly experienced operators

* All cranes are for hire hourly, Monthly, Weekly and Lease available. This service includes Drawing, Layout and Site Visits.

All the vehicles in our fleet are fitted so all of our drivers can load your cargo onto the vehicle at the collection point and off load at the final destination themselves. By using a range of chains, shackles, straps and slings our vehicles can cope with loads of all shapes and sizes

We know that not all cranes are required during normal working hours. Our dispatch has experienced personnel ready to help you 24 HOURS A DAY AND 7 DAYS A WEEK.


Hiab’s load handling solutions are used in various sectors of on land transport and delivery, including construction, Kenya power and Lighting (KPLC) poles distribution, forestry, warehousing, waste and recycling, and defence.

Hiab is the global market leading brand in on-road load handling solutions. Thanks to customer-driven product and solution development, we help customers enhance their efficiency and productivity. Our versatile services ensure the safe functioning of equipment throughout its long life cycle AND with ‘SAFETY FIRST’ APPROACH we guarantee seaming less operation on YOUR site.

Our offering includes Hiab loader cranes, Hiab Multilift demountables, Hiab Loglifts and Hiab Jonsered forestry and recycling cranes, Hiab Moffett and Princeton PiggyBack(R) truck-mounted forklifts, Zepro, Focolift, Del and Waltco tail lifts.